First post!

Hi there!

Welcome to The Gentlebros’ blog. This is where we will be posting content about our studio and our games, for the enjoyment of dear readers like you, and hopefully also gain the blessings of Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Our team is currently busy working on Cat Quest, and there are many interesting developments going on, but we don’t have much time to write about them yet.

For now, I’ll end this post here and get back to working on the game. Stay tuned!

– Leon

  • Richard Wiley

    Hello, I just beat the hell out of your fame for the PS4. My daughter actually picked it out due to the Thumbnail. In the Demo section. To be honest it looked generic at first but what the hell right it was a demo?
    Well I was never more happy to be wrong, the demos use of parody and clever writing had me hooked and I gladly spent the 13.00.
    I’d offer a few suggestions
    1. The map it’s great but a zoom feature would be wonderful. I had a hard time seeing the question marks above the dungeons. I have a 55 inch TV so that’s saying something when I say I had a problem seeing them.
    2. A better sorting system for gear would be nice too .
    3 .Either getting rid of the healing spell or making it useful. Even maxxed out it wasn’t given enough health to even bother equipping .
    4 . Hopefully more DLC
    Over all it’s the best 2D RPG I’ve ever played and look forward to more .

    • The Gentlebros

      Hello Richard,
      Glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the kind words!
      Great suggestions too. Some of them are already on our minds 🙂 Especially 1 & 2 for me.
      We’re working on another instalment and will definitely be looking to improve on these.

  • Zac U

    I just bought Cat Quest on Nintendo Switch earlier this week and i’m loving it, I’ve already completed my first play though.
    The biggest issue i’m having is when i take my thumb off the stick to stop moving, i don’t stop. It doesn’t happen all of the time but it has gotten me killed a few times.
    Would it also be possible to to get some markers on the map to point the message boards that have side quests, or the dungeons that still have loot? I was going to try and complete all of those before starting a MEW Game and New Game+.
    Like i said i’m loving this game and can’t wait to see what else happens with it in the future.

  • finished reading your blog! loved the first game and just started playing cat quest 2 with my wife! we love it!! hope there’s a 3rd one!